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Want to join forces with the Money Saved is Money Earned team? If you’re looking to work with us you’ve come to the right place!

Established in March of 2018, our articles and advice have been featured on Women Who Money, CNBC, MSN, Wealthtender, Your Money Geek, and Databox, to name a few.

Here are all the ways you can work with us and how you can contact us.


Collaboration Opportunities for Brands

Monthly Website Sponsorship

Money Saved is Money Earned offers monthly site sponsorship opportunities for brands to expose our readers to their products/services. Only one brand will be featured as a sponsor for the month, and your sponsorship will not influence the content or other resources/products/services featured during that month.

In exchange for your sponsorship, Money Saved is Money Earned will:

  • Add text at the bottom of articles posted during the sponsorship month containing a link to the sponsors website as well as the statement “This sponsorship does not influence the creation or presentation of content and other information on this site.”
  • Your logo in the sidebar of
  • Social media sharing during the sponsorship month with a minimum of 5 Tweets and 1 Facebook post per week.
  • One feature email to our email list during the sponsorship month containing your brand name and a link to your site.

We offer one-month sponsorship opportunities for $250.

Please email us at to further discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsored Posts

We offer sponsored posts for products and services related to personal finance. We will try the product/service for an agreed upon period of time to ensure a high-quality and thorough post. We will always post our honest thoughts on the product/service so our readers can make an informed decision about whether the product/service is right for them.

Our rate for sponsored posts is negotiable.

Here is an example of a sponsored post we’ve done: DiversyFund Review: An Alternative to Traditional Investing

To discuss a sponsored post opportunity for your product/service email us at

Affiliate Partnerships

We also offer affiliate partnerships. We only promote products/services that we personally use or that we feel provide a good value, and thus recommend these brands to our readers. Our affiliate partnerships extend to brands outside of the realm of personal finance as long as we believe in these brands and feel they offer great value.

Feel free to reach out to us if you feel like your brand would provide great value to our readers.

Sidebar Ads

Ad space in our sidebar is available in monthly increments. The fee for a sidebar ad is as follows:

  • 1 month = $150

Contact us to discuss sidebar advertisement for your brand at

Social Media Campaigns

Have a product or service you want to promote? Let Money Saved is Money Earned promote it for you!

We do social media campaigns for products/services we personally use or that we feel provides a good value. At this time, we can do social media campaigns on either Twitter, Facebook, or both.

The rate for a social media campaign will depend on which platforms are used and how often you would like your product/service promoted.

Email us to negotiate the details at

Collaboration Opportunities for Bloggers/Websites

Guest Posts

Money Saved is Money Earned loves to publish guest posts from other talented bloggers on any topics related to personal finance or travel. Our guidelines for guest posts are as follows:

  • At least 1,500 words
  • Topic related to personal finance
  • Original or repurposed content
  • Preferably a blogger we know and interact with

In exchange for your guest post we will:

  • Introduce you as the writer of the article and give a quick description of your blog and what you write about
  • Provide a backlink to your blog
  • Promote your article on social media and in our email list
  • Hopefully give you some traffic!

A great example of what we’re looking for in a guest post can be found here.

If you are interested in guest posting for us, please email us at or reach out to us on social media with some topic ideas.

Syndicated Posts

Love one of our articles? We are honored when others feel our content is good enough to be republished on other sites. However, if you would like to syndicate one of our posts you must first ask our permission via email and add a rel-canonical tag so that Google knows we are the original publishers.

Please do not republish our content without our permission, for you will be in violation of copyright laws and we will be forced to take action.

Email us at if you would like to discuss syndicating one of our articles for your site.


We are also open to doing interviews about our life, experiences, and blog. If you have an interview series you feel we would be a good fit for, reach out at

Other Opportunities

Money Saved is Money Earned is always open to collaboration opportunities with other bloggers. We’ve participated in roundup posts, social sharing, interviews, syndicated posts, and many other collaborative efforts with our blogger friends. If you have an idea for collaboration please reach out to us at or on social media.



We look forward to working with you!