When is the Best Time to Buy a TV?

If you’re considering buying a new TV for your home, the best time to buy a TV matters if you’re looking to save tons of money!

The Best Time to Buy a TV

When it comes to buying a new TV, the best TV sales happen during Super Bowl season, the spring, and of course Black Friday!

Super Bowl Season

TV retailers use the Super Bowl as a marketing opportunity to offload old stock and sell as many TVs as possible.

Spring Time

They incentivize consumers to buy these new models with special offers and promotions and the old models.

Don’t Be Afraid of Open-Box Deals

Open-box deals will save you a ton of money when you’re buying a TV, making going to the store and asking about open box specials one of the best times to buy a TV!


If you can’t budget for something, it might be a warning side you don’t need it. So before you buy a TV, set a small goal to budget for it.

Quality Matters

 However, price isn’t the only factor you should consider when you buy a new TV. Quality and brand names do matter in some cases, and while you don’t have to get the top of the line.

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