What Is The Value Of Six Figures In Money?

While most of us aspire to make good money, there is just something about being able to declare that one has a 6-figure salary or has 6 figures saved or invested.

What is Meant by the Term Figure?

A term you’re likely more familiar with is the synonym “digit,” especially as it relates to numbers.

If a 6-figure number is a 6-digit number with digits representing the one through one hundred thousand places, then 6 figures in money is at least $100,000.

How Much is 6 Figures in Money?

Whether you’re at the low or high end of 6 figures in salary, investments, or net worth, it’s clear that 6 figures of any kind is a lot of money and a huge achievement.

Why is 6 Figures Important?

Once you get to around the 6-figure, you have enough money to pay for everything you need, and your well-being will increasingly shift away from money to other aspects of your life.

A 6-Figure Salary

6 Figures in Investing

Have you ever heard the phrase the first $100,000 is the hardest? Many make it a major goal to hit their first $100,000 invested, and for a good reason.

As you can imagine, engineers, doctors, lawyers, and jobs in tech and business often pay 6-figure salaries. However, there are some careers with 6-figure salary potential that may surprise you

Who Makes 6 Figures?

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