What Is the Going Rate for Babysitting Right Now?

Going Rate for Babysitting Right Now

The national average hourly rate for babysitting in the United States is $18.36 for one child. However, the babysitting rate will change depending on where you live, the number of children you have, your children’s ages, how much  experience your babysitter has, and their job responsibilities. Read on to learn the going rate for babysitting.

Before Hiring a Sitter

There are several decisions you need to make before you begin your search for an in-home childcare provider.  – Are you planning to hire a teenager or an adult? – Will the sitter have a set schedule, or are your needs more sporadic? – Do you need someone to provide childcare early in the morning, late at night, or overnight?

A Babysitter’s Age and Experience Affects Rates

Babysitters with special certifications and credentials will charge  more per hour due to their education and experience levels. That is the  case with any job. More experience leads to more pay as well as higher  demand. 

Your Location Affects Babysitting Rates

– The average cost of a babysitter in New York City is $18.94 per hour—on par with the national average. – The average cost of a babysitter in San Francisco is $21.17 per hour, making it the most expensive city to hire a babysitter. – Contrarily, the average hourly rate for babysitters in a town like Little Rock, Arkansas, is just $12.50.

The Number and Age of Your Children Affect Rates

Caring for multiple children is a much bigger job than caring for  just one child. In addition, your children’s ages will also affect the  price. If you have multiple young children, they will require your  babysitter to perform more work during their time babysitting.

Paying Young Babysitters

Many young babysitters fall into the trap of accepting less pay than  they should because they have no experience working. It is easy to agree  to a lump sum that equals less than the federal minimum wage. For  example, if a babysitter accepts $80 for 12 hours of sitting, they will  only be making about $6.67 per hour.

Babysitters With Additional Duties Cost More

Babysitters will often take care of your home while they care for  your children. However, you and your sitter need to be open and honest  about your needs and your babysitter’s capabilities when going over  rates and expectations.

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