What is Blockchain Technology? Is It Secure and Viable in 2022

Even though blockchain technology has been around for more than a decade, people have only recently noticed it because of its potential uses in various industries.

What Is Blockchain Technology

Once the block fills up with data, it gets chained onto the previous block, which makes the data chained together in chronological order.

The original purpose of the blockchain was to facilitate digital transactions using Bitcoin.

How Did Blockchain Technology  Come About

Who Created It?

The first blockchain was created in 2009 by an anonymous person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

One way to address the scalability issue is through off-chain or sidechain solutions such as the Lightning Network or Plasma.

Blockchain Scaling

Proof of Stake

if a user has 100 coins, they will be able to mine or validate block transactions in proportion to their stake.

How Secure is Blockchain Technology

The data is spread across the network with blockchain technology, making it more protected from tampering.

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