What Career Is Right for Me?: 10 Lessons on Finding Your Path

No one wants to be in a job they hate. For various reasons, many of us find ourselves in that situation.

In this post, we’ll explore ten lessons that will help you answer the question, “What career is right for me?”


If you don’t like your job, make sure it is at least putting you in a position to get a job you want later on.

“Following your dreams”  immediately upon graduation is not necessarily the right call. Unless money is no object.

Following Your Dreams and Other Errors

You can think too little about money and wind up hat in hand looking for handouts. Or you can focus too much on money and wind up a rich old miser who never knew what money was even good for.


Know when it is time to stop working for money and start working for fulfillment.

Lesson #3

It is more important to know what you are retiring TO than what you are retiring FROM.

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