How to Save Money on Vacation

There are many ways to save money on vacation,  it just takes some creativity & research! This story will talk about how to save money on vacation & how it can be done without compromising the experience!

Get a Savings Account

Setting up a savings account and putting a goal to it will help you keep the money to one side ready so you can enjoy your vacation guilt-free.

 You can save tons of money on food if you don’t have to buy breakfast every day.

Book Accommodations That Offers Free Breakfast

Compare Car Rental Companies

Make sure to compare your rental company against others and if there are any coupons available.

Make sure to shop around for your foreign currency and buy it in advance. Don’t wait to get it at the airport if you are looking for a great deal.

Get Your Foreign Currency in Advance

Consider a Rewards Credit Card

A rewards credit card, if treated correctly, i.e., a full balance paid off every month, can be extremely helpful in helping you save on the cost of your flights and travel.

Food and drink are probably your highest cost whilst on vacation, so make sure you give it a good budget and use that budget to determine where you eat each night.

Have a Vacation Food Budget

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Money Saved Is Money Earned!