Best Ways to Save Money on Student Loans Before, During, and After College

Student loan debt is quickly reaching critical mass

Student loan debt is quickly reaching critical mass.  Currently, there are around 44 million borrowers owing $1.5 trillion in student loan debt in the U.S. Of those, 65% are under the age of 39 and borrowers graduating in 2017 had an average of $28,650 in student loans.

Ways to Save Money on Student Loans Before College

Many people don’t begin thinking about how they’ll handle student loans until they’re getting ready to attend college, but you can put quite a dent in reducing the amount of loans you’ll need if you plan well before  heading off to school. Here are tips for saving money on student loans before you even step foot on a college campus.

1. Work Part-Time

Most high school students also see the money they make from their  part-time jobs as spending money rather than a way to save on student  loans. Of course, how much you’ll save on student loans will depend on how much you work, make, and how much you’re able to save.

2. Attend Community College During the Summer

One rarely utilized way to save money on student loans before college is to attend community college during your summer breaks. Many don’t realize it, but you can attend community college as a high  school student and the classes are not as difficult as you may think.

3. Take College Credit Courses

Typically, college credit courses are only offered to students in upper level classes or advanced classes, but for those looking to go onto university they offer a budget-friendly way to earn some core credits. Compare that to the few hundred dollars in fees you’ll spend to earn credit for your college credit course.

4. Take Advanced Placement Courses

Yet another way to earn college credits in high school is to take AP  courses and corresponding AP tests (although you can take the test  without taking the course), which are accepted by most universities.

6. Apply for Scholarships

Another way to save money on student loans is to apply for scholarships. There are thousands of scholarships available, and if you’re a pretty good student you have a good chance of being awarded at least a few.

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