12 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Are you looking for ways to save money on a tight budget?

It may be more challenging to save money when working with stretched resources, but you’ll likely have greater motivation to save money.  Many people have been where you are now and have transitioned to better ground. You can have more financial flexibility to take care of your current needs and plan for your future by saving money.

1. Start With Budget And Examine Your Categories

If you don’t have a monthly budget yet, you need to create a budget using a type that fits your lifestyle. The 50/30/20 budget rule is often a rule of thumb to divide your after-tax income (i.e., take-home pay) into three broad spending categories.

2. Cancel Unused Subscription Services

 It is not just your streaming services but all of your subscriptions that you should review. Look closely at your phone data plans, cloud storage, Apple,  Peleton, and other gym memberships, yoga, meditation, and such. Many trials we sign up for automatically convert into a paid subscription, and we miss the opportunity to decline the service.

3. Build an Emergency Fund

Having savings in an emergency fund for unforeseen events may seem counterintuitive in a tight-budget household that finds it challenging to save money. Yet, almost 40% of Americans can’t pay for a $400 emergency. Start small and work your way up to $1,000 saved. Then, over time, build your emergency fund to an ample amount that can cover six months of your basic living expenses.

4. Pay Yourself First

Make savings a priority by paying yourself first. Paying yourself first requires you to allocate money to savings as soon as you get paid before you have a chance to spend it on something else. One of the best ways to do this is to automate transfers to separate accounts, such as a portion of your paycheck to a high-yield savings account.

5. Automate Your Savings

One of the best ways to save money is to make it automatic. By automating your savings, you can allocate a certain percentage of your paycheck to a savings account or tax-advantaged accounts like retirement savings or a 529 college savings plan.

6. Live Within Your Means

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