12 Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

With internet access and 24/7 communication a basic need for things like employment and safety you can’t cut costs by going back to a landline. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still lower your cell phone bill.  Here are some of the best ways to lower your cell phone bill.

1. Consider Prepaid Plans

Prepaid carriers ask you to pay for your service in advance, then cut you off when you’ve used all the minutes and data you’ve purchased. This is the opposite of how your classic carriers work; they bill you at the end of the month based on the usage you ran up.

2. Claim Every Discount You’re Eligible For

Every major carrier provides a variety of discounts for people with specific jobs or situations. These usually take one of three forms: 1. A percentage off the total of the bill each month  2. A flat amount taken off each month’s bill A special rate. 3. A special rate

3. Team Up With Friends and Family

The cost for two lines on the same plan is almost always less than two lines separately. Adding more lines reduces the price per line further. Large families save hundreds annually with this strategy.

4. Threaten to Quit

Almost every cell phone provider offers excellent deals to new customers. They promise a low introductory rate, free or deeply discounted new phones, and perks and bribes of all sorts.

5. Check Your Bill

It’s illegal for your cell phone company (or any other company) to lie to you on your monthly statement or invoice. Unfortunately, it’s less cut-and-dry when it comes to adding optional services without asking.

6. Stay off the Upgrade Cycle

Frequently upgrading your phones costs you more money than it needs to. That’s why the major carriers keep making it easy to do so, offering special “free” upgrades to keep you in long-term contracts.

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