Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill 12 Tips

No single method will make a huge difference, but by combining as many as you can from this list of our favorites, you can save several hundred dollars per year.

Stay off the Upgrade Cycle

Simply sticking with an older phone until you need to upgrade gets you off the cycle of paying for the latest tech every time it comes out.

Check Your Bill

Make sure you understand what each line item is and why it costs what it costs. Then, if you have questions, call and see how to drop or reduce line items you don’t need.

Sometimes calling the company and threatening to quit will get you access to the new customer deals or something close to them.

Threaten to Quit

Team Up With Friends and Family

Adding more lines reduces the price per line further. Large families save hundreds annually with this strategy.

Claim Every Discount You’re Eligible For

People who frequently qualify for these discounts include teachers, police, firefighters, EMS workers, military, reservists, and retirees from any of those professions.

Consider Prepaid Plans

This is the opposite of how your classic carriers work; they bill you at the end of the month based on the usage you ran up.

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