Ways to Get Free Books Online

Here are some of the best places to get free books online.


A website that allows you to download five free eBooks a month. That is an easy way to download and read free eBooks.

eBooks.net has 400 popular classics available free of charge. Once you add them to your bookshelf – they are yours. No need to return!


This site has many free eBooks available for download in various formats. Not all books are free, but they do have a lot of free options to look through.


This site is the place to go if you are looking for a computer, math, or technical books. They don’t actually have the books, but they redirect you to sites that do have them. 


Book Lending

This is only good for Kindle books. This virtual swap website allows you to lend and borrow books from other members. 


A list of different free eBooks from publishers and authors. Just browse through and get the books you want (up to 50 books a day).

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