Top 10 Ways Shoppers Overspend

Read on to learn tactics stores often use to keep you shopping for longer than expected and ways to avoid overspending on impulse shopping.

Freebies Encourage Buying

One of the major ways people end up overspending is by indulging in freebies. Retailers offer free gifts & services as a way to entice shoppers who wouldn’t otherwise be spending.

One of the key ways shoppers get carried away when holiday shopping is by neglecting their values, like sticking to their budget.

Shoppers Ignore Their Values

Stores Change Their Layouts

When stores change their layouts, we tend to stay and look around more, see items we hadn’t seen before, and spend more time buying into sales and fancy displays.

For consumer goods like make-up and snack foods, stores often offer samples as a way to entice buyers. 

Stores Offer Samples

Shoppers Love a Bargain

Stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Big Lots use marketing tactics to imply they have bargains for products across all different areas of their store.

Have you noticed that shopping carts have gotten progressively larger over time? That’s because having a big, empty cart encourages people to put things in it.

Shoppers Go Bigger

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