32 Best Traveling Jobs to Make Money While Seeing the World

For many people, traveling the United States is a dream that escapes them their whole life.

Traveling the world is even further out of reach. However, a lucky group  of people can accomplish two tasks at once with a job that allows them  to travel. The majority of people who hold jobs would see this as an unattainable goal. However, it could be much more realistic than you pictured. This story will discuss best travelling jobs to make money while seeing the World.

1. Airline Pilots

Technically, this job could fall into the domestic or international  travel category. However, based on our research, most pilots who travel  abroad usually stay on international routes, while domestic pilots  typically remain within the United States. The salary range for commercial pilots is between $68,000 and $82,000 per year.

2. Flight Attendant

A flight attendant traveling job is similar to that of a commercial  pilot, except their travel locations are based on seniority. Attendants  with less experience get assignments without a choice. Flight attendants enjoy a pretty decent salary as well. The travel  and hotel vouchers are also nice perks of the job. The pay ranges from  $62,000 to $97,000 per year.

3. Traveling Nurses

Traveling nurses have been in higher demand since the pandemic began.  In addition, hotspot cities that become more active require a higher  demand for experienced nurses. One of the best highlights of the job is the ability to pick where you travel next. Traveling nurses have the option of working in whatever city they choose.

4. Bartending

Traveling may not be mandatory for bartenders, but many of them have  the luxury of doing so. There are several reasons for this ability to  travel. The bartending position has a high turnover rate. This leads to higher openings at clubs, bars, and cocktail lounges.

5. Truck Drivers

This may be the most commonly thought of job of the traveling type.  For decades Americans have depended on truck drivers for the items they  use daily. While not the most glamorous of the traveling jobs, driving a truck  will allow you to see much more of America than the average person.

6. Railroad Workers

This could be one of the oldest traveling jobs in the history of the  United States. Railroad workers have been traveling since the rail  system was built nearly two centuries ago. These workers are still  needed as railroads are under constant repair and revision.

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