Travel Hacks That Will Save You Big Money

Traveling is a high priority for many people and highly desired by many more. While spending money on experiences may make us happier, they can certainly put a strain on our wallets.

Reserve Smallest Size Rental Car

If you get to the rental company and they’re out of the car class you reserved they will upgrade you to the next class available at no extra charge.

These items are beneficial because they allow you to store food in the form of snacks or leftovers, which allows you to save money on food.


Free Parking/Breakfast

Moving on from flights, another small travel hack that will save you big money is to book a hotel that offers free parking and breakfast.

Bring your empty bottles through security and then fill them up with water at the drinking fountain or bottle  fill-up station.

Bring Empty Water Bottle/Refillable Bottle

Bring Food to the Airport

Around half of the airports within the U.S. will charge you more for food/drink, so another great small travel hack that will save you big money is to bring food with you to the airport.

Refill Travel Size Containers

Using this hack, you can buy all your preferred products in the regular size and simply use those products to refill the travel size containers.

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