10 Small Travel Hacks That Will Save You Big Money

Small Travel Hacks That Will Save You Big Money

Traveling is a high priority for many people and highly desired by many more. In fact, studies have shown that people tend to be happier when they focus on experiences rather than spending their money on material possessions. Here are some small travel hacks that will save you big money.

1. Fly at the Right Time

If you have some flexibility with your travel dates, one of the best small travel hacks that will save you big money is buying your flight at the right time. Airline fares are constantly changing. Prices vary depending on the day, travel days, whether the dates fall on or around a holiday, peak travel times, or sales.

2. Delete Browser Cookies

Speaking of searching for cheaper travel, did you know that your browser cookies track your searches and prices may actually INCREASE because of that? It’s true. The prices you’re shown for travel may actually increase if your browser cookies show you searching for a certain destination.

3. Use a Carry-On

Anyone who flies regularly knows that the base fare may be just the beginning, and that fees can add up quickly. The most common fees associated with air travel are for checked bags, and while one checked bag may not break the bank, multiple checked bags on a roundtrip flight could cost you a pretty penny.

4. Buy Travel Size at a Dollar Store

The only drawback to using carry-on luggage (other than size) is that you have restrictions on what you can bring and how large many of those items can be. When using carry-on luggage any liquids, aerosol, gels, creams, or pastes are restricted to a limit of 3.4 ounces per item.

5. Refill Travel Size Containers

Yet another option to save money on travel-size containers is to buy a set and then refill them before taking your next trip. Using this hack, you can buy all your preferred products in the regular size and simply use those products to refill the travel size containers.

6. Bring Food to the Airport

While you may be able to partially thwart the high prices of air travel through savvy fare buying and packing, chances are they’ll still get you with high-priced items once you’re trapped in the airport. Don’t forget to stop and grab something to eat on your next trip to the airport.

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