Best Travel Gifts and Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

Best Travel Gifts and Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

We all have that travel crazy friend who never seems to be home. Instead, they are busy travel hacking, jet-setting around the world or around the country, and making everyone jealous with their Instagram photos.  Here are ideas for travel gifts that could really apply to anyone who loves to travel.

Jet Lag Treatment Kit

Jet lag can not only take a toll on your health (lack of sleep makes you feel awful) but can eat into your travel and vacation time. Preventing and treating jet lag is a great gift! Your kit can/should include some or all of the following: Pain killers Over the counter sleep aids.

Luggage or Luggage Accessories

Some of my own favorite travel gifts to give or get have to do with the travel journey itself. They’re super useful and also help with organization. You can opt to buy your friend some nice, durable luggage, or a travel backpack, or if that’s too much I’d consider luggage accessories.

Luggage tags

Leather luggage tags are really nice and super durable. You can take it one step further and have them personalized!

A TSA approved lock

Many new suitcases nowadays have these built in. However, if their suitcase doesn’t already have a built-in one, you can definitely purchase an exterior lock that is approved for usage.

RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

Identity theft is literally everywhere and one way it’s done now is to scan people’s IDs and cards from afar. So having a wallet that can block that technology is super important. An RFID blocking travel wallet will do just that.

Leather Passport Holder

Everyone needs to put their passport somewhere. What you also need is to make sure the pages don’t get wet or ruined. A nice passport holder can offer functionality and style.

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