Tips for Successful Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Whether you’re trying to get rid of some old furniture or sell your car, Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to connect with buyers in your area. All you need to get started is an active Facebook account.

Why Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is integrated into the Facebook app, making it easy to list items and communicate with buyers without leaving the app.

There are a few different options for payment, and the best method will depend on your preference and the buyer’s preference.

What Method of Payment Should I Ask For?

How Do Shipping and Returns Work?

If you’re selling an item that needs to be shipped, you need to set up a shipping method. The most common methods are through the post office. 

Once a buyer expresses interest in an item, you will receive a notification from Facebook. You can then choose to message them through the Marketplace app or website.

How to Communicate With Interested Buyers

General  Selling Tips

- Keep an eye on the competition and price your items competitively. - Make sure your photos are high quality - Reply to any buyer questions promptly

- Product Research - Take Good Photos - Write an Accurate Description - Set a Competitive Price - Is My Item A Seasonal Item?

What to Do Before You List an Item

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