10 Things to Expect at a Timeshare Presentation

Things to Expect at a Timeshare Presentation

While timeshares often get a bad rep, many people still attend timeshare presentations because of the attached incentives that are typically included.  Here are 10 things to expect at a timeshare presentation.

1. Getting to Know You

After getting checked in, the first thing that will happen at a timeshare presentation is you’ll be introduced to a representative who will be your dedicated person throughout the entire experience. Think of this person as a salesperson because that’s exactly what they are.

2. Food/Drink

One nice thing about attending a timeshare presentation is hospitality. The whole presentation is set up to create an atmosphere of luxury and well-being, including an attempt to make you feel taken care of with food and drink.

3. Dream Destinations

While the dream trip tactic is the most common hook in our experience, you may also attend presentations that attempt to convince you that you deserve to travel more and should travel more. These hooks are usually based on statistics about stress and health, as well as the number of vacation days taken by the average American.

4. The Pitch

Following the group presentation, your dedicated representative will take you back to your table and begin to discuss the program and options. They will also discuss resorts in the portfolio, the redemption program  and likely show you a book of resorts you might be able to access through an exchange.

5. Small Rooms

Although the idea is to spend little time in your room, another thing to expect on your first cruise is a very small room. While you may be expecting a smaller room, most aren’t prepared for just how small cruise cabins are. A dorm room is probably the closest comparison.

5. The Tour

The fifth thing to expect at a timeshare presentation is a tour. While the tour may include the whole resort and its amenities, the tour’s main purpose is to showcase the room types available if you become an owner.

6. The Money

At this point in the presentation, you’re likely feeling good and yearning for all the luxurious places you’ve been shown. You’ve also toured the rooms and have imagined yourself lounging on the bed gazing at the beautiful views.

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