The 3 Things You SHOULD Spend Your Money On

Money is just a piece of paper we give value to. While our society deems the market value of that piece of paper, the true value of money comes from what we do with it. You see, the same amount of money can be worth much more when spent on certain things.

Things You SHOULD Spend Your Money On

However, not all spending is created equally, and there are some things you should definitely focus your resources on more than others. the things you should spend your money on boil down to 3 basic categories: – Investments – Experiences – Health

We need money to live


Investments are things that give you good bang for your buck. They might make you money over time, and are things that gain value over time. They appreciate. Investments actually get MORE valuable over time!  Investments are assets.


It may seem like vacations and entertainment are a weird thing to advocate spending your money on, but there’s actually been a lot of research on this topic. It turns out spending money on material possessions (things, objects) does not make you happy, while spending money on experiences actually promotes happiness and well-being.


This is a big one that is neglected by most people. Aside from safety and the other basics needed to live, your health is the most important factor in your quality of life.

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