The Simple Guide to Travel Hacking for Beginners

There’s a solution out there to help you save money while still enjoying your next vacation! The answer is called travel hacking.

What is Travel Hacking?

As briefly mentioned, travel hacking is the process of using existing systems to travel on a discount or for free.

Sign Up For Airline Rewards Programs

It’s best to pick one airline that you can frequently fly from your home airport. Signing up is the easy part, but accumulating miles takes time.

Similar to airline miles, hotel points are best when accumulated with one hotel brand. Try to sign up for one and stick with it where you can.

Sign Up For Hotel Rewards Programs

Research Credit  Cards

If you spend a lot on groceries, you want a credit card with generous grocery rewards. Similarly, if you spend heavily on travel, you’ll want a card that rewards travel spending.

Get You First  Credit Card

Before doing so, check your credit score to ensure your score is high enough to get approved for the card you selected.

Use Your Points and Reward Programs!

If you want to cover an entire vacation, you might need to wait 6+ months to earn enough credit card points.

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