The Complete Guide to Finding  Low-Cost Caribbean Vacations

Whether you prefer to be wholly tethered to white-sand beaches or experience an entirely different culture rich in history and tradition, the Caribbean islands have something glorious in store for you.

COVID19 Considerations

Reaching out to your destination’s tourism department or hotel to inquire if testing sites are available is highly recommended.

Where to Go?

Selecting which paradise island to explore will primarily depend on the purpose of your holiday.

 I would have strongly recommended avoiding hurricane season. To minimize the risk of inclement weather impacting your vacation.

When to Go?

How to Find  Cheap Flights

 Scan all airlines, including budget carriers, for the cheapest airfare. Compare both fares and pick the cheaper flight.

How to Find Cheap Accommodations

Although frugal tourists tend to naturally gravitate towards inexpensive accommodations, I firmly advise reading customer reviews before finalizing your reservations.

Package Tours for Island Hopping

The predominant strategy for island hopping on a budget is taking cruises that visit multiple ports.

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