What You Need to Know About the Chemicals in Your Home to Save Money, Your Health, and the Environment

What You Need to Know About the Chemicals in Your Home to Save Money

Chemicals are everywhere. They’re in the environment, in our food, and in our homes. Even the “safe” cleaners you use every day contain chemicals, and while there may be no way to completely eliminate them, there are things you can do to minimize their impact.

Wash, Rinse, Sanitize

First, I want to explain a bit about how cleaning and sanitizing works. In the sanitation business they have a mantra: wash, rinse, sanitize. The reason is, you can only sanitize a surface if it’s been cleaned. Bacteria needs water and a food source to thrive so if the surface isn’t cleaned then bacteria may live despite sanitizing.

Dilution, Dilution, Dilution

The only way to “get rid” of chemicals is to dilute them with water. This means that any chemical spilled on the ground or dumped into water is still there. This is why it’s so important to limit our use of chemicals whenever we can to prevent build-up and allow for dilution.

All Cleaners and Detergents Contain Poisons

The first thing you need to know about the chemicals in your home is that almost all of them contain poisons. Yes, I’m talking about the household cleaners and detergents on the shelves of your local grocery store. Almost all of them contain poisons.

Use ¼ of the Factory Recommendation

Remember dilution? Using ¼ of what is recommended will still give you the clean you want while minimizing build-up of the chemical, as well as your exposure to it. Using less than what is recommended also means you won’t use the product as quickly, which will save you money.

Save Your Clothes, and Your Money

Laundry detergent contains phosphates, one of the previously-mentioned poisons. Again, the key with laundry detergent is to use less than what is recommended, and you’ll usually get the same clean with ¼ of the product recommendation.

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