The Best Cable Alternatives  for 2022

Are you ready to cut the cord? If you’re reading this, chances are you’re fed up with the excessive costs and restrictive contracts that come with a cable subscription and are ready to try something new.

How Much Can  You Save?

I had set up cable as a quick way to get access to TV after buying my house because it was all I knew. At first, the bundle cost was only about $100 a month for cable, Wi-Fi internet, and a landline I didn’t use. I also had to sign a two-year contract with a penalty for early termination. The earlier you terminate, the higher the penalty.

Streaming Devices

Almost all cable alternatives will require you to have a way to stream the service through an internet connection, which is how they’re able to offer these packages for less money.

A smart TV allows you to access and view online and network-based media without needing to connect to an additional box or streaming device. Instead, they connect to the same Ethernet or Wi-Fi network you use to connect your computer and take out the middleman.

Smart TV


Roku offers a line of different streaming devices running from $30 to $100. Which device you choose will depend on the type of TV you have and the capabilities you want in your Roku device.

The Amazon Fire Stick does the same thing as a Roku. However, the Fire Stick has the added feature of Alexa remote voice capabilities. Therefore, if you already have Alexa integrated into your home, you’ll likely want to go with the Fire Stick.

Amazon Fire Stick/Amazon FIRE TV

Gaming Consoles

If you or a family member is a gamer, there’s a pretty good chance you already have a streaming device in your home. Most primary gaming devices have built-in streaming options, although you may not have access to every streaming service you want.

Blu-ray Player

Another item you may already have is a Blu-ray player, and depending on the age and type of player, you may also be able to use it to stream cable alternatives.

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