The 5 Things You Actually Need and Deserve in Life

In fact, there are only 5 things you actually need and deserve in this life, and unfortunately, not even these things are guaranteed

1. Food/Water

This may seem like a no-brainer, but for many people in this country and throughout the world not having enough food or water is a major concern.

The next thing you need/deserve is shelter. Here we define shelter as a place out of the elements where you can call home. Somewhere that you can stay warm and dry and be comfortable.

2. Shelter

This is a big one for me (Tawnya). I work with children every day that have experienced abuse and neglect, and I know how prolonged unsafe environments have a lasting impact on individuals.

3. Safety

This one is a controversial topic in this country. However, no matter what your stance is on who should pay for healthcare, if someone is sick then they deserve to have access to treatment options.

4. Healthcare

5. Worth

While it may be possible to feel like you have worth without one or more of the other 4 points, the value and impact of worth will be pushed aside in favor of the other, more urgent needs.

Worth refers to having a meaning in your life, feeling like you’ve accomplished something, and having a reason to be here. Worth is fulfillment.

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