The 12 Best Places to Buy Shoes

It’s easier than ever to buy shoes online and save money. We’ve found the top 12 places to buy designer brands and the latest styles for you below.


Amazon offers some of the lowest prices, and many orders qualify for free shipping, especially if you have Amazon Prime.


Zappos has unique ways of pricing their shoes. You may find some colors or styles significantly discounted, while others are higher priced.

6 PM

If you find something you love at Zappos but don’t want to spend the money on, check again at 6 PM and see if you can snatch them for an even better deal.


Zulilly runs a ‘flash sale’ for 24 – 72 hours to create a sense of urgency because once it’s over, it’s over.

If you’ve ever wished for a shoe store with a great selection and low prices like Walmart, you’re in luck. is a subsidiary of Walmart, and they don’t disappoint.


DSW has an incredible return policy (60 days), and you can always count on them to have the latest trendy shoes at prices you can afford.

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