Ten Things to Anticipate in a Timeshare Presentation

Have you ever been to a timeshare presentation? Chances are, if you’ve stayed at a resort, you’ve at least been offered the chance to attend a timeshare presentation.

Getting to Know You

Like all good salespeople, this representative will be extremely friendly and attempt to establish a rapport with you. They are personable, and you will almost certainly like them.

The whole presentation is set up to create an atmosphere of luxury and well-being, including an attempt to make you feel taken care of with food and drink.


After getting set up with food and drinks and some time spent getting to know one another, you’ll likely be directed to a group presentation with other potential buyers and representatives.

Dream Destinations

They will also discuss resorts in the portfolio, the redemption program (usually points-based), and likely show you a book of resorts you might be able to access through an exchange.

The Pitch

The Tour

While the tour may include the whole resort and its amenities, the tour’s main purpose is to showcase the room types available if you become an owner.

The Money

More likely, you’ll be seeing price tags of $50,000 and up, plus yearly maintenance fees close to $1,000. Spread out over 20 years.

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