How Teachers Can Use an IEP to Reach Their Money Goals

How Teachers Can Use an IEP

Being a special education teacher, I’m intimately familiar with IEP’s and write many of them every year. And although general education teachers don’t write IEP’s, it’s highly likely they’ve had students with IEP’s in their class and participated in IEP meetings. As a result, all education professionals should be at least somewhat familiar with IEP’s and their purpose.

Teachers Can Use an IEP to Reach Their Money Goals

You’ve seen IEP’s for your students, you may even have written them, but have you ever thought about writing an IEP for yourself? What would happen if you used the structure of an IEP to help you reach your money goals?

What is an IEP?

IEP stands for individualized education program, and is a plan developed by special education teachers with the help of parents and other team members to guide the education of a student in need of specialized instruction.  Here’s how teachers can use an IEP to reach their money goals.

Parts of an IEP

Present Levels: The first major part of the IEP is the Present Level of Academic and Functional Performance. The purpose of this section is to offer a snapshot of where the student is currently at, both academically and functionally. Using the idea of present levels is very helpful, and in fact essential, for reaching your money goals. Instead of present levels of academic and functional performance, identify your present levels of spending and savings performance.


The goals are the heart and soul of an IEP and come directly out of the present levels. Once you’ve gathered all the data for a student it is easy to see where they excel and areas that need improvement.  It’s obvious how using the goal aspect of an IEP would help teachers reach their money goals.

Service Summary

Once you’ve identified weaknesses and written goals, the purpose of the Service Summary page is to identify the specialized instruction.  This part of the IEP will be very different for a teacher trying to reach their money goals, but the idea of specifying the supports you need to reach your goals is valuable.

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