Surprising Jobs that Pay Well

Whether you’re looking for a new full-time job that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree or a high-paying part-time gig, here are 12 surprising jobs that pay well.


So while a preschool teacher makes an average of $13 to $15 an hour, nannies make more than double that at $25 to $40 an hour.

One-third of American households have a dog. That means over 48 million dogs need a place to go when their family goes on vacation or someone to walk them while their humans are in the office.

Dog Walker/Dog Sitter

For those with retail experience looking for a full-time job, Buc-ee’s day-time team lead makes $34 an hour or $66,560 a year, and an Assitant General Manager makes $91,782 as an average salary.


Not only do they pay hourly workers more than three times the federal minimum wage, but after180 days of employees, staff who work 24 hours or more a week are also eligible for health care benefits.


SAT Tutor

Tutoring has long been known as one of the side hustle jobs that pay well. SAT tutors can command $45 to $100 an hour, with SAT scores driving a large portion of college admission.

Senior executive assistant position is another excellent option. Even without a college degree, the median salary for an executive assistant is $60,890, above the national average.

Executive Assistant

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