Stop Telling People What They Want to Hear

Almost every blogger we’ve interacted with has been supportive, kind, and a great resource to bounce ideas off.

 We’ve seen several examples where bloggers appear to be encouraging choices that may not be considered wise, especially for those struggling with their finances.

Telling People What They Want to Hear

While the intention is to give people peace of mind about their decisions, aren’t you really just giving people free rein to make poor financial choices?

Depending on their situation, these articles and statements might be encouraging people to make decisions they shouldn’t be making.

Why It’s a Problem

Confirmation Bias

We also tend to seek out information that confirms what we believe and desire while disregarding information to the contrary.

The Job of Personal Finance Bloggers

We know these articles and Tweets get a lot of attention. People like it when you go against the grain, are controversial, or give them permission to do something they know they shouldn’t do.

Moral of the Story

As personal finance bloggers we also have a huge responsibility to present advice that is relevant, helpful, and most importantly, realistic.

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