How to Stop Chasing Your Money

How to Stop Chasing Your Money 

In fact, statistics show that 78% of you are chasing your money, and you’re probably not really gaining on it no matter how fast you go. I may not have tons of money, I may want more money, but I’m definitely not chasing money.

why are so many of you chasing your money?

It is one of the biggest challenges faced by most every day, only second to traffic jams. The good news is that unlike a traffic jam, YOU are in control of your money. Let’s tackle a few steps you can take to better manage your money, so you can stop chasing your money.

1. Make a Plan for Your Money

The first step to ending the chase for your money is to make a plan for it. Know how much money is coming in and have a plan for where that money is supposed to go rather than having to figure out where it went.

2. Exercise Fiscal Discipline

Many people build a budget, but they go awry when they don’t stick with their budget. All day, every day, we do not leave home without our wallet or purse, which carries credit and debit cards, along with good old-fashioned greenbacks.

3. Change Your Mindset

Our world is built on consumerism, and everything around us has been built to try and get you to spend your money. You have literally been conditioned to spend money.

Moral of the Story

The vast majority of Americans are in a never-ending cycle of chasing their money. They live paycheck to paycheck and have allowed consumerism to take control of their financial lives.

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