Staycation Ideas to Get Away

If you’re looking to get away with minimal costs, we’ve compiled this list of epic staycation ideas to help you plan a vacation in your backyard.

Movie  Night

Whether you choose to have your movie night at home or a movie theater, this is a great way to have a fun evening with family or friends. 

There’s nothing like roasting marshmallows over an open flame, but with many campgrounds sold out and prices climbing higher, you can still bring the outdoor experience to your home.

Camp in Your Backyard

Game  Night

Nowadays, many great adult-themed games are available, along with your classic favorites. Invite friends or family, or hang out with your spouse or kids and enjoy a game night.

Puzzles are an excellent quiet activity and can fill up an entire afternoon.



Painting is a relaxing way to express yourself through art. Check if there’s a painting class in your area you can attend, or simply pull up a YouTube video and follow along.

Picnics are a fantastic way to spend quality time with a loved one on a budget. Pack a meal, then find a scenic area to spread a blanket.

Go on  a Picnic

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