Stay Motivated to Save Money

Finding the motivation to save money can be challenging. Here are eight tips for finding your own money motivation and stacking those extra dollars in your savings account.

Finding the ‘Why’

It’s a totally individual choice, so each person will have to sit down & think about what matters most to them.

To help clarify savings goals, try building a personal budget around the priorities.

Building  a Budget

Saving Little by Little

 This way, a person won’t feel the pinch and it won’t feel like they are missing out month over month on the fun stuff just to save for a hypothetical future.

For bigger purchases, people can try the 30-day rule. It’s a financial strategy that helps people regain control over impulse buys.

Try Walking Away From Impulse Spending

Setting Short-Term Savings Goals

Having these smaller goals can make saving for something as grandiose as retirement seem less intimidating.

 A person can let their inner circle in on their savings goals and priorities and ask that those trusted few help them stay on track.

Telling Others About Savings Goals

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