How Much is Your Starbucks Addiction Costing You?

 Your Starbucks Addiction Costing

We know a lot of people who religiously drink Starbucks. Like, two or even three times a day Starbucks drinkers. I even had a friend in high school who “could not” function without her daily dose of Starbucks.  There are even ways you can get free Starbucks drinks.

1. McCafé

I know, I know, it’s McDonald’s, but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than Starbucks. Although still a lot to spend on coffee, the costs are basically cut in half compared to Starbucks. The same is true looking at the long-term costs. First up is the small premium roast coffee.

2. Brew Your Own

I’ll admit, I don’t like coffee except with a lot of sugar and creamer in it so brewing my own coffee isn’t for me. Whether you like to use the Keurig cups or buy coffee in bulk, you’ll save a ton of money by brewing your own drinks.

3. Buy Packaged Fancy Drinks

This one is more my speed, although I try to limit this option because I’m trying to stay off sugar as much as possible. However, for those of you who “need” your latte’s or iced coffees, buying pre-packaged fancy drinks at the grocery store is another option.

4. Switch to Tea

Last but not least, you can save the most time and money by switching to tea. Tea is my preferred method of getting the caffeine I need because it’s so cheap and easy to make, and there are tons of great flavors to try.

Moral of the Story

To put it simply, the Latte Factor is still in full effect when it comes to Starbucks. It’s time to analyze how much your Starbucks addition is costing you, and maybe, to money that money to better use.

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