Small Travel Hacks That Will Save You a Bunch of Cash

While spending money on experiences may make us happier, they can certainly put a strain on our wallets.

Fly at the Right Time

One of the best small travel hacks that will save you big money is buying your flight at the right time.

Delete Browser Cookies

The prices you’re shown for travel may actually increase if your browser cookies show you searching for a certain destination.

The most common fees associated with air travel are for checked bags. Multiple checked bags on a roundtrip flight could cost you a pretty penny.

Use a Carry-On

Buy Travel Size at a Dollar Store

You must use travel size containers for carry-on luggage, but one small travel hack that will save you big money over the years is to buy your travel size items.

Refill Travel Size Containers

If you really want to go on the cheap, you can refill any carry on approved containers you have with the products you’ll need while on vacation.

Bring Food to the Airport

Knowing that you can bring food with you through security can save you tons of money on meals over the course of your travels.

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