Is Your Side Hustle Worth It?

Is Your Side Hustle Worth It?

Hustle culture is a huge part of our lives, especially for younger people. In fact, a recent survey from Bankrate found that nearly half of Americans under 35 reports having a side hustle, and nearly 1 in 3 of those side hustlers need the extra income to be able to pay their bills.

Pros and Cons to Hustle Culture

Pros:  1. Increased income 2. Exploring passions or interests 3. Expanded social circle 4. Learn new skills 5. Increased exercise, change of pace, or other related benefits 6. May open new doors such as starting a business.

Cons: 1. Burnout 2. Reduced social time or time spent doing things you love 3. Family or relationship strain 4. Health-related issues like stress, lack of sleep or exercise, or unhealthy eating

Pros and Cons to Hustle Culture

Things to Consider When Picking a Side Hustle

Not all side hustles are created equally, and the best side hustles for you might be a horrible choice for someone else. In addition to creating a balance when side hustling, it’s also important to make sure you’re pursuing side hustles that make sense for you and are worth your time.

What Are You Good At?

When looking for a side hustle, the first thing to consider is your skill set or what you’re good at. Many great side hustles come about when people take skills to excel at and pursue them outside of their career.

What are You Interested In?

If you’re looking for a break from your areas of expertise or skill or don’t feel as though you have any specialized skills, the next thing to consider when picking a side hustle is your interests. Some people use side hustles to explore interests or passions that they are unable to in their everyday jobs.

What are You Willing to Do?

It’s critically important to consider what types of tasks you’re willing to do, how much money you’re willing to make, who you’ll be dealing with, and what type of work environment you’ll be in before jumping into a side hustle.

How Much are You Willing to Work?

The last major thing to consider when picking a side hustle is how much you’re willing to work. As mentioned above, the cons of side hustles are very real, and if you’re not careful, you may find yourself burning out.

Is Your Side Hustle Worth It?

Side hustles often serve a purpose at a specific point in time and may be worth it only for that point in time. Don’t feel bad if you churn through side hustles regularly, trying to find the ideal situation for you. As your life and goals change, so will your side hustles.

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