8 Senior Discounts to Save You Big Money

Senior Discounts to Save You Big Money

Hello seniors! Well, it happened. You’ve reached 65, hopefully retired, and are set to enjoy the rest of your golden years. While nobody likes getting older, it is time to take advantage of one of the best parts about being a senior citizen. Here are 8 senior discounts to save you big money.

1. Property Taxes

Most states have some sort of property tax relief for seniors. Some states freeze property tax increases for seniors, and some limit the increase for seniors as compared to the general public. In most cases, they will reduce the assessed value of the property in order to provide a reduction in the property tax. This does not affect your property’s market value.

2. Discounts on your Cell Phone Bill

Many cell phone companies provide discounts to seniors. If you are not receiving a discount from your current carrier, make sure you ask them. If your current provider doesn’t offer a discount, there are plenty of other carriers who will give you a senior discount on your cell phone service.

3. Fly High and Pay Low

Yes, if you are 65 or over you can get discounts on airfare with some airlines. Here is the catch, the discounted fare only applies to certain destinations. Do your homework and check with the airline. Who knows, your destination could be one with the discount or you can choose one of those destinations with a discount.

4. Ground Transportation

You can also find senior discounts to save big money on ground transportation and car rentals. If you are 62 and over Greyhound gives you a 5% discount, and if you are 65 and older Amtrak has a 10% discount.

5. AARP Membership

We’ve already mentioned AARP benefits when it comes to car rentals but being an AARP member brings many more benefits. Anyone aged 50 and older is eligible for full membership with AARP and members receive a free secondary membership for their household.

6. America the Beautiful Lifetime Senior Pass

There are more than 2,000 federal recreation sites and 62 National Parks sprinkled across the United States, and seniors have the golden ticket to see them all for only $80. With National Park entrance fees ranging from $5 per person to $35 per vehicle, the America the Beautiful Lifetime Senior Pass could save you hundreds of dollar.

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