How I Get Season Tickets for Free

How I Get Season Tickets for Free

Not only is it possible, but it’s relatively simple to regain your money, or even to turn a small profit, by being a season ticket holder. Like anything, having season tickets for free will require some effort and planning on your part, but it is possible.

The Basics and Benefits of Season Tickets

Before we get into the money saving part, there are a couple things you should know about season tickets. First, they come with many benefits. For example, my ticket plan (a pair of seats per game) comes with right of first request to concerts and other events at the arena.

How I Get Season Tickets for Free

you can resell them, while I was told about the resell benefit when deciding on whether to purchase season tickets, I had no idea how powerful this one little detail would be, and that it would enable me to have the tickets and all the other benefits completely free.

Reselling Strategies

This is the real trick to getting season tickets for free. Each team should offer an option through your season ticket account to resell your tickets through their website. While this is convenient and requires no further effort than setting a price and linking your account to your bank.

Moral of the Story

Once you have the tickets, I suggest setting up a spreadsheet with the dates of games and opponents. Next, utilize your teams’ website to determine the face value of each individual game and add that value per seat into your spreadsheet. Next, decide which games you want to attend, and which you want to sell.

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