Save Money With a Wedding Dress Rental

Save Money With a Wedding Dress Rental

When it comes to planning and paying for a wedding, couples should spend according to their priorities. The easiest way to identify how to budget for a wedding is to discuss what is most important to you and your soon-to-be spouse.  Check out some of the cons of a wedding dress rental.

You Can’t Make Alterations

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make alterations or modifications to your dress if you rent it. That means it may not fit you as flawlessly as a dress that you could have custom-tailored to your body.

You Won’t Be Able to Pass it Down

Are you someone who has always dreamed of being able to hand down your wedding dress to your future daughter? Of course, you won’t be able to do that if you rent it. If you don’t buy the gown, you don’t get to keep it. If that’s a problem for you then renting may not be the best choice.

Sizes + Options May Be Limited

From what we’ve seen from the options we’ve found, you may have trouble finding a specific dress you want in a full range of sizes. Because of the single-item nature of many of the rental sites we found, you’ll likely have a tough go of finding your dream dress in your specific size.

You Won’t Get the “Bridal Experience”

Unless you first find and try on your dress in a traditional salon, you likely won’t get the same wedding dress shopping experience that you’ve pictured. Not to mention, your timeline for receiving, wearing, and returning the dress will be quite slim.

Where to Rent a Wedding Dress

If you’re looking for local options for leasing a wedding gown, try doing a Google search for “wedding dress rental business near me” and see what you come up with. However, choosing an online rental business will likely give you potential options to consider.

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