Ways to Save Money When Eating Out

If you eat out a lot like me, or even if you only eat out occasionally, the following tips will help you to get the most bang for your buck. Here are 9 ways to save money when eating out.

Happy Hour

Although days and times for happy hour varies by location, almost all happy hours will offer discounts on drinks and menu items, and possibly even free appetizers.

While most restaurants offer a kid’s menu with lower-priced items, some will even offer a meal to kids under a certain age for free.

Kids Eat Free

These deals could be discounts on regular menu items, special food/drink combinations, or even discounts on certain days.

Look for Special Deals

While you’re probably familiar with rewards programs for companies dealing in travel, gas, & credit cards, you may not realize that most chain restaurants offer them as well.

Join Rewards Programs

Bottomless Foods

While it might be hard to land free food delivery, you might be able to find some deals or percentages off with a cash-back savings app like Ibotta.

Share a Meal

With so much food, a great way to save money when eating out is to share your meal. 

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