7 Top Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Top Ways to Save Money on Groceries

We all have to eat. We all know that one of the best ways to save money on food is to make our own meals, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also save money on groceries while we’re at it. no matter where you choose to shop, you’ll find these top 7 ways to save money on groceries applicable.

1. Make a “Meal Plan Game Plan,” Not a List

Ever open your fridge to find those blueberries growing some mold or  that bloated almond milk carton that you only used half of? People waste  a ton of food, and by default, money simply because they fail to  eat/use the products they’ve bought before they spoil.

2. Sales Make a Difference

What I’m talking about when I say sales are the sales you find when  you’re already at the store for things you were already planning to buy.  This mentality sometimes works like sales at a clothing store.

3. You Don’t Have to Buy Everything at the Same Store

The other thing to consider instead of a warehouse is shopping at a different grocery store or even  the farmers market. If you must buy fancy fish, fresh bread, and  imported olives at one store, you can buy other items like rice, frozen  vegetables, and olive oil where they are cheaper.

4. Keep Your Receipt

Many may not realize that most grocery stores will happily exchange the  product for free if you take it back or bring in your receipt when you  find something has spoiled before or on the expiration date.

5. Keep Your Packages

Keep the package! Whether it’s berries, pancake mix, or a jar of  pesto, most stores will still accept the package for an exchange (maybe  not a refund) as a gesture of customer service.

6. Shop During the Middle of the Week

Just like there are certain days of the week where you can find cheaper flights, shopping during the week can similarly save you money on groceries, and in a couple of ways.

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