Road Trip Essentials: What to Pack and What to Leave at Home

Road Trip Essentials

The beauty of a road trip is its flexibility. Yes, we wanted to pack as much as we could into our van so we wouldn’t have to stop as often to pick up something we forgot or to resupply, but the longer you’re on the road, the more you realize that simplicity is key. Here are some road trip essentials from a road trip pro.

Use Paper Maps as a Backup to Digital Navigation

Even if you don’t think you’ll need it you should have a paper map of the area you’ll be driving in just in case. Having a paper map is also essential in other countries where you may have spotty access to WiFi while on the road.

A Power Inverter Helps You Charge On The Go

The other challenge with technology is that you have to be able to charge your devices on the go, making the ability to charge everything one of our road trip essentials. Our favorite accessory for our van was the power inverter we were gifted last Christmas. It’s a total game changer, and we use it regularly.

Backseat Organizers Help You Do Just That

I wouldn’t say you necessarily need back-of-the-seat organizers, but it helped keep our van tidy and tidiness is essential on a long road trip. The backseat organizers in our van helped us stash all the things we needed to access quickly, such as napkins, the aux cord, wipes, and snacks. They also kept our phones and keys handy when we were sleeping in the back.

Sun Shades For When You Put It In Park

Depending on where and when you road trip, staying out of the sun will be key to keeping your vehicle comfortable. We’re from Florida, so we know a thing or two about seeking out shade. Luckily, a collapsible or foldable sunshade for the windshield will help block out the sun even if there are no trees around.

Make Sure You Have a Meal Time Plan

Eating is important, but it can also ruin your plans if you’re not prepared. You will have to make a stop if you get hungry. That’s why we try to time meals around driving hours or activities to help make the most of our schedule.

If It’s Special Made, You Probably Don’t Need It

A lot of adventure brands share inspirational images on social media that make you fall in love with the “idea” of their products. I’m here to tell you that the special backpack shown in the spectacular image of Yosemite National Park isn’t what made the scene spectacular.

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