7 Recurring Bills People Don’t Think To Renegotiate

Recurring Bills People Don’t Think to Renegotiate

But what’s the best way to stop overpaying these bills? It may not seem like the easiest solution, but renegotiating your recurring bills is a simple strategy for putting some money back into your pocket. Here, we’ll go some straightforward solutions to help your renegotiation process.

1. Internet Bill

With a bit of preparation and a quick call to your internet provider, you can get your bill lowered. Make sure you know if better offers and services are available from other companies before you call. If you don’t want to go through this process yourself, consider using Truebill to handle the negotiations.

2. Cable Bill

Instead of watching your monthly cable bill continue to grow, get a cable representative on the line and negotiate a fair deal for your cable services. There’s nothing stopping you from having a friendly chat with someone about your cable bill.

3. Car Insurance

Loyalty to your existing provider is a noble characteristic, but you should expect some loyalty in return for the time and money you’ve spent with your company. Call your provider and see whether it can offer a better car insurance rate. Remember to use better offers from other companies as leverage.

4. Cell Phone Bill

If you feel your cell phone bill is more than you’d like to pay, start researching pricing for similar plans and products with the provider you’re with and other providers. You’ll likely find a better deal somewhere, and you can use that information when you call your provider to negotiate a lower price.

5. Medical Bills

Do your research on typical costs if you haven’t already had anything done. If you already have medical bills, check them over for any mistakes and then give the hospital administrator or other relevant employee a call to ask what they can do to lower your bills.

6. Credit Card Bills

Contact your credit card company to see what can be done about lowering the interest rate on your card or giving you some extra time to make payments. You may be able to waive certain fees or avoid accruing high interest for a specific period of time.

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