20 Best Receipt Scanner Options for Easy Organization

Best Receipt Scanner Options

A receipt scanner is one necessary tool to have in your business toolbox to ensure that all of your business purchases are easily tallied and organized. Receipt scanners come in all shapes, sizes, and modalities, so there is sure to be one that works well for your business needs.

What is a Receipt Scanner?

Document and receipt scanners come in three main types: apps, desktop, and portable. Receipt scanning apps rely on the use of a mobile device to upload and compile documents for you. Take a picture of the receipt, and the software typically does the rest. Here is a list of the best receipt scanner options, including apps, desktop, and portable options.

1. Expensify

Expensify has been rated the best overall receipt scanner app by multiple sites. A cloud-based app for both iOS and Android, Expensify combines receipt scanning with expense reporting. Take a photo of the receipt, and the app will automatically pull charges out, after which you can assign the charge with an expense report.

2. Wave Receipts

Wave Receipts is another frequent list topper, mainly because it’s the best free receipt scanning app. If you’re starting out or just looking to digitize your receipts, Wave is a great option. The main drawback to Wave Receipts used to be that you needed to purchase Wave Accounting if you wanted to take your receipt scanning and business organization to another level. 

3. Vupoint ST470

For those looking for flexibility, the Vupoint ST470 is likely your best option. This scanner is really a desktop and a portable scanner in one. The scanner’s main body is meant to stay put, but included is a detachable wand, with its own case, that you can use to scan receipts on the go.

4. Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500

The Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500 does allow for the ability to connect with cloud-based apps. While also technically a desktop scanner, the Fujitsu is small enough to be portable and also includes a wireless option for on the go scanning. Receipts can be uploaded in various file formats.

5. Raven Pro Document Scanner

The Raven Pro Document Scanner is the big daddy of receipt scanners. This desktop scanner can scan 60 pages per minute and has anti-jam technology to ensure efficiency when scanning. The large touchscreen lets users choose various scanning settings, where to send scans to, and even organize and name documents.

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