How to Put the “Personal” in Personal Finance

How to Put the “Personal” in Personal Finance

The personal finance community–myself included–loves to focus on the finance side of things. But focusing on the finances is only half of the equation. Today we’re going take it a step further and put the “personal” in personal finance.

Some “Personal” Q&A

I think everyone should know how to budget, what their investment goals are, or what their net worth targets should be. These are valuable questions with important answers. And these ideas will apply to 99% of you reading this post.

What Makes You Happy?

It’s a billion-dollar question. Literally. I’d bet there are millions of people forking over thousands of dollars in pursuit of an answer. If you aren’t seeking out the secret sauce of happiness yourself, you probably know someone who is.

How Much Time Do You Have?

This question applies to large and small scenarios. How much time do you have right now, per day, or per week? But also how much time do you have left in life? How much time with your parents, your children, your favorite dog Toto? A lot of personal finance focuses on maximizing the rat race. Earn more money, save more money, invest more money. 

Where Do You Want to Be?

In this age of economic diversification, you can probably figure out a way to maintain a healthy financial situation while living anywhere in the world. The skills that you have in your current life can travel with you. San Francisco needs librarians. Paris needs helicopter pilots.

Where, Figuratively

Some people want to fight tooth-and-claw to the top of the corporate ladder. Others just want their honest day’s 9-to-5 so they can enjoy the rest of life without having nightmares about Microsoft Excel.

Personally Yours

Make your money, save your money, and think about the future. The tenets of personal finance are important and will lead to improvement. But don’t forget about yourself, the person. Money is just a means to an end. That end should be fulfillment. It should be happiness.

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