Other Ways to Teach Children About Money

Using alternative ideas to giving an allowance helps keep you honest in your budget and helps encourage your child to learn the value of money.

Teach Kids To Earn Money Through Hard Work

Paying your children for doing chores helps reward them for working hard.

Teaching your kids while they’re young to help other people is essential to develop them into valued members of society.

Teach Kids To Earn Money By Helping Others

Earn Money Through Academic Accomplishments

Providing cash payments for academic accomplishments isn’t as common among homeschooling families.

A more creative alternative allowance method is to pay your child to read books.

Earn Money With Reading Rewards

Earn Money Through Business Ventures

Working with you shows them valuable lessons not available anywhere else and enables them to kinetically learn business tasks.

Making money should be something they enjoy doing because the tasks kids complete to earn money are appreciated and needed by their family or community. 

Enjoy Earning, Giving, and Spending Money

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