Best Online Teaching Jobs and Where to Find Them

Best Online Teaching Jobs

With the increase in demand for online education comes an equal need for those that can provide the service, and online teaching jobs are easier than ever to find. Some of these jobs can even become good summer side hustles for teachers!  Let's discuss categories of online teaching jobs, and the requirements for each.

Online College Faculty

Online college courses cover the gamut of all academic and vocational subjects at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, offering a wide range of possibilities for online teachers.  Most online teaching jobs at the college level will require a Master’s or Ph.D., a search through job finder sites like, Glassdoor, or Zip Recruiter can yield a quick compilation of possible online faculty teaching jobs.

Online K-12 Teachers

Although not as prevalent as in higher education, online K-12 education is growing in popularity across the country, and more online teaching jobs are becoming available.  The requirements for teaching for an online K-12 program will be the same as those for teaching in a traditional school district.  Two of the biggest online K-12 school programs are run by Connections Academy and K12.

Online Adult Education

Adult education programs are another fast-growing sector of online education that offers opportunities for online teaching jobs.  Requirements for teaching online adult education will vary depending on the subject, program, and state.  Here are online adult education programs to look into include Excel High School, GED Academy, and The Keystone School.

Online Tutors

You can now find tutors for almost any grade level or subject, and the instruction can be done from the comfort of your own home. Requirements vary depending on the subject and grade level. Some of these include, Chegg, Course Hero, and Skooli.

Online English Teachers

Of all the online teaching jobs, teaching English online has had the most considerable growth in recent years. Most will require you to be TEFL certified but may help you obtain certification. The most well-known platforms for English online teaching jobs include VIPKID, Qkids, Education First, Teach Away, and Gogokid.

Moral of the Story

If you have a Bachelor’s degree and expertise in one or more subjects, there is likely an online teaching job out there for you. If you’re a native English speaker, you are probably qualified to teach online.  All you need is expertise in one or more areas and the ability to go and find clients to start your own online tutoring business.

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