15 Best Online Jobs for Students

Online Jobs for Students

Whether you are a high school student or a college student, you most probably want to earn some money of your own. Online jobs are a great way for students to earn money from the comfort of their home or dorm. Here, you will find 15 of the best online jobs for students to earn money on the side.

1. Freelance Writer

If you love to write, why not make money out of it and become a freelance writer? This job is an amazing opportunity for those students who want to earn money during their free time. It will take some work to get started, but earning that additional income makes it all worth it. As per PayScale, a part-time freelance writer may make between $24,000 – $115,000 a year.

2. Freelance Web Developer

Web developers are in demand today and lots of companies hire web developers to help them build their websites. If you have skills relating to coding or building and designing websites, you can start freelancing as a web developer today. According to Glassdoor, the average hourly pay of a freelance web developer is around $36.

3. Proofreader

Proofreaders check the grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and formatting of a piece of writing, and they also help get it ready for publishing. You can earn up to $50 per hour with this gig. If you are often referred to as a the “grammar police?” then this job would suit you perfectly.

4. Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelance graphic designers create visual versions of brands and businesses. The best thing is many successful freelance graphic designers do not have formal degrees. Beginner or basic-level graphic designers earn around $9 – $15 per hour, mid-level designers earn $15 – $25 per hour, and experts earn $30 – $50 per hour.

5. Video Editing

Videos are one of the most common forms of content found on the Internet and are gaining in popularity. Like web developers, video editors are in high demand and skilled video editors are even more so. Data from Upwork shows that beginner video editors can charge between $20 to $45 per hour.

6. Social Media Manager

Businesses must make sure they spread awareness of their brand and what better way to spread awareness than by using social media? However, many business owners know almost nothing about social media and how to best use it. Others may simply not have the time. The average pay for freelance social media managers is $20 – $25 per hour.

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