Need a Mortgage Payoff Calculator? Here are the Best Options

First, we’ll briefly discuss the different kinds of mortgage calculators you may want to explore, then zero in on the mortgage payoff calculator. We’ll conclude with a list of the best mortgage payoff calculator options for you to consider.

Mortgage Payoff Calculator

What is a Mortgage Payoff Calculator?

A mortgage payoff calculator gives you a snapshot of your mortgage, including when you will pay it off, the total interest you’ll pay, and the total amount you’ll pay for the home (loan amount plus interest).

The Best Mortgage Payoff Calculator Options

Now that you know what a mortgage payoff calculator does, why you might want to use one, and the various types of mortgage calculators out there, let’s dive into a few good ones to get you going.

Money Saved is Money Earned Amortization Schedule Calculator

I really like our option because it comes in the form of an Excel spreadsheet that you download. Once you have it downloaded, you can manipulate and save it as many times as you want without needing to go back to the website.

Mortgage Calculators Amortization Schedule Calculator

This calculator does essentially the same thing as ours, however, they take it a step further by adding more options. Along with loan amount, terms, and interest rates, this calculator also allows you to add in your property taxes, insurance, mortgage insurance, and any HOA (homeowners association) fees.

Arrest Your Debt Mortgage Payoff Calculator

Arrest Your Debt is a great site with a lot of helpful information, including a mortgage payoff calculator. While this calculator will show you much of the same information as the two described above, the goal of this calculator is to show you how much you can save by making extra payments.

NerdWallet Early Mortgage Payoff Calculator

Like the Arrest Your Debt calculator, this one also focuses on helping you pay off your mortgage early but is structured slightly differently. Aside from the usual figures like interest rate, terms, and beginning balance, this calculator also asks you for your current balance and how many years are left on your mortgage.

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