5 Best Money Transfer Services 

The Best Money Transfer Services

As technology progressed rapidly over the years and entrepreneurs had easier access to startup capital, creating a new company from scratch to outperform banks has become a reality.  One of the following top 5 online digital transfer services will more than suit the vast majority of people’s needs.

1. TransferWise

TransferWise was born in 2011 when two workers from Estonia working in London met at a party. The first, Taavet Hinrikus, was Skype’s first-ever employee, and the other was Kristo Kaarmann, a management consultant at Deloitte. The two quickly discovered they shared the same financial dilemma.

2. OFX

OFX boasts one of the best reputations in the global money transfer service by default of its shares listed on the Australian stock exchange. Public companies tend to offer customers a higher level of trust since their business is under the scrutiny of regulators, and auditors closely monitor its operations to remove all hints of fraud in the public eye.

3. MoneyCorp

MoneyCorp was founded in 1962 and has operated as a money transfer service since 1979. Today, MoneyCorp stands out as one of the best money transfer services in 2021 because decades of operations have earned its users’ trust.

4. Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct has been expanding its business to win market shares by providing superior scale and passing on savings to customers. In 2015, Currencies Direct was acquired by private equity firms Palamon Capital Partners and Corsair Capital.

5. WorldFirst

WorldFirst has a reputation for offering customers the best rate for currency transfers. Most notably, WorldFirst realized the growing competitive landscape was intensifying in the late 2010s and announced a new fixed fee structure considered the most transparent in the money transfer industry.

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